Health is our most precious asset and each of us has the commitment to keep it that way. A balanced lifestyle in body and mind through nutrition and regenerative break times make you healthy, fit and above all happy

The wellness centre is located in the basement area of the Veggie Country Relais, where treatments take place in an atmosphere of intimacy and quiet.

The temperature, the silence and the soft light call to mind age-old memories, while refined details such as the Zen fountain, candles and the scent of herbs give an immediate benefit to the body and spirit.

The treatments of the wellness program, according to the needs of each person, will create a concentrated experience of pure relaxation. In perfect symphony with our philosophy, there is our Vanesio extra-virgin olive oil, which is the main protagonist in relaxing massages, foot reflexology and Ayurveda path.

Multifunctional bath for curative and aesthetic treatments, using hot air, cold mist and molecular steam. The steam bath, deeply cleanses the skin, the dermis and the subcutaneous tissue, the thermal alternation between hot steam and cold mist performs an effective vascular gymnastics that reactivates the deep circulation, in particular of the legs, exerting a toning action , promotes breathing, relaxation of muscles and the nervous system. Directly from the Asiago plateau, the Hobe Pergh provides us with herbs to make hay baths.

To complete the wellness programme there is an infrared sauna and a hydromassage tub.



18+! - Our treatments are only for adults aged 18 years and over.


Before the treatment a short questionnaire will be done to verify the state of health and to check any contraindications.


We provide bathrobes, towels and disposable slippers.


The treatments can be booked separately to the rooms.

Infrared sauna

The low temperature infrared sauna technique can alleviate painful tensions and affections, it strengthens the immune system, increases blood circulation and improves our metabolism. In addition, it helps detoxification and purification of the body. The colors inside the cabin can positively influence our mood. A 30-minute session is recommended.

Rosa dei Venti

Hay and steam detox. A thermal bed where treatments are carried out with hay from the Assiago plateau, rich in medicinal and aromatic herbs. The path helps to stimulate and help the organic functions, reactivating the circulation, promoting the drainage of stagnant liquids.

Ayurveda massage

Ayurveda massage focuses on relaxation, stress relief and the release of emotional blockages. The massage focuses on the body chakras - energy points in order to give relief to physical and mental well-being.

Wellness bookings

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