Farm house

The property is set in a large private garden, the ideal place to be for who wishes to spent time in the silence of nature, for relaxing in a hammock or rocking in the two-person swing.
The bio-pool, located in front of the house, is made of resin without the use of reinforced concrete and has a very low impact on the environment. We use pink Himalayan salt which is a perfect disinfectant.

CORONCINA Veggie Country Relais


The Veggie Country Relais is a farm where people can come on holiday and stay at the estate which is a functioning working-farm. The delicious products we use come mainly from the estate itself and the agricultural activities are predominant over the touristic ones.


The Coroncina farm grew out of a love of nature, food and visual pleasures. Our idea is to offer to others the quiet and wholesomeness of our home as well as our high-quality organic products. An unspoilt wood shelters the house on one side; below runs a stream, which provides any water required for irrigation. An attractive panorama includes the hills, rich in flora and fauna (including deer), while neighbouring villages such as Belforte del Chienti and Pievefavera act as boundaries.

The Veggie Country Relais has a typical farmhouse structure in the local style, with visible stonework. In renovating it we used green building techniques and materials, including natural paints both inside and outside, diamagnetic steel to avoid the formation of magnetic fields, whitewash, cork for interior waterproofing and linseed oil for exteriors. In keeping with our respect for nature and the environment we have installed both photovoltaic and solar thermal panels. Outside there is a wood and brick veranda, ideal for relaxing and for summer dinners.