Guest Rooms

CORONCINA we are open but

from May 5th to September 30th, minimum stay 2 nights,

call, maybe there is a last minute for 1 night.


dinner on request for those who stay, during the week reservation in advance


opening: Friday and Saturday dinner time,

Sunday and holidays at lunch

rom May 5th, to September 30th every evening

Sundays and holidays at lunch


shall we create it together? tell us your wishes


free, just for the guests who sleep

How many times have you dreamed of sleeping in a protected place immersed in the silence of the woods, with a wonderful panorama to be admired only for you? In Coroncina these dreams can become a beautiful reality. We have prepared three very comfortable, welcoming and quiet rooms and a mini-apartment …

20mq / 2 people

Can you recall the hobbits’ houses in the Lord of the Rings? Those who watched the film will be in awe when stepping into this room. Everyone else shouldn’t worry as they will just experience something special. We decided to call it Botte (barrel) to keep its original character – to receive and transform. Botte room is to be seen, experienced and smelled…

Sleeping in the Botte

The rediscovered time of nature…

Vegan Cuisine

Our restaurant in the hills of Le Marche…


We provide a rich selection of hand cooked products to choose from: home baked pies, jams, fruit salads, and croissants. Breakfast is served in the restaurant or in the veranda overlooking the garden…


Our strength are our zero metres ingredients. Yes, you read it rightly – not zero kilometres but zero metres! We started with a vegetarian cuisine. A few years later, we moved to vegan cooking…

Private SPA

Our health is the most precious gift we get from birth. We need to learn to protect and take care of it…


The treatments

Infrared sauna

Duration 60’

Low temperature infrared sauna technique holds several benefits: it releases tensions, strengthens immune system, increases blood circulation, and improves metabolism.

Multifunctional Bath DETOX

Duration 55’

This experience helps stimulate the organic functions, reactivates circulation, and promotes drainage of stagnant liquids…

Ayurvedic massage

Duration 70’

Ayurvedic massage aims to relax and relieve the body from stress and emotional blocks. The massage works on the chakras, energetic points on the body, giving both physical and mental relief.